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Quick News

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Story Of Dr. Zammsy

When a mysterious virus infects his beloved community, the quirky Dr. Zammsy desperately quests across his fantastical world to find the cure. He soon discovers the illness was engineered as part of a sinister inter-dimensional plot threatening not only his world, but all existence in the multi-verse.

Dr. Zammsy, busy solving a mysterious migraine issue for his bugbear patient, is summoned as a medical expert to investigate a curious substance. A strange goo is infecting the forests of Gallagan and poisoning the local population of Orgaton giants. Upon study, Dr. Z finds the goo is a highly sophisticated army of nano-soldiers that are quickly multiplying and will soon take over the entire country… eventually spreading to his own home!

Dr. Z’s research does yield a clue: a unique genetic signature relating to an ancient Age’ed Youngling myth about a spurned witch-queen delivering vengeance from far away. He reports this to the high council of Halobridge Hospital, but they dismiss the doctor’s warnings as superstition and write him off as a loony.

Frustrated by the council’s lack of sense (or abundance of corruption), Dr. Z sneaks back into the forest to administer his own vaccine to the ailing giants and trees. But it all goes terribly wrong as his vaccine strengthens the infection and it spreads exponentially quicker, consuming the entire forest and setting him and his team on the run.

Dr. Zammsy must now redeem himself by finding a cure, solving an ancient mystery, and saving his world.

This is going to be some house call.

Story Of Dr. Zammsy
Story Of Dr. Zammsy

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Prepare to fight the virus with your collection! Earn Dr. Z Tokens for power ups / upgrades.

Battle Card Game coming Q1 2022!


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Social Networks

  • Launched website
  • Social sites created/ Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Instagram
  • Set 1 NFT trading cards released/ puzzles launched.
  • Puzzle rewards/ leaderboard launched for Set 1
  • Set 2 NFT trading cards released/ puzzles launched.
  • Puzzle rewards/ leaderboard updated for Set 2
  • Dr.Z NFT Documentary filming complete
  • First 7 Blend drops, created.
  • Social Sites created/ Tik Tok/ Facebook
  • Marketing Team expands promoting/ advertising with monthly budget
  • PR Team schedules for podcasts/ magazines with influencers
  • Card Battle game in full production with game developer
  • Dr.Z NFT Weekly Audio Podcast available now on Apple and Spotify
  • Crypto News podcast interview, completed.
Near Term
  • Blend drops every Friday 2pm PST 5pm EST
  • Dr.Z NFT Audio Podcast New Every Monday
  • Set 3 Development
  • World Map of Gallagan.
  • Dr. Z NFT Documentary, editing
  • Hodlgod NFT Collaboration
  • 1 of 1 Auctions of Matt Gaser's artwork
  • Cointelegraph podcast featured guest
  • Credit Card payment system dev for NFT's
  • Dr.Z NFT's stakeable on Hodlgod.Onnesus Void Universe
  • Hodlgod NFT Collaboration Sept 2021
  • Dr.Z NFT Documentary in film festivals
  • Dr.Z 3D adventure game In production
  • Dr.Z card battle game launch
Long Term
  • Dr.Z NFT video podcast
  • Animated Series goes into production
  • Dr.Z NFT's are can be purchased through credit card
  • Dr.Z NFT documentary on streaming service.
  • Dr.Z 3D adventure game launch