Get NFTs

Multiple ways to purchase Dolo cards, ideal for any Dr. Zammsy fan, collector, investor.

Weekly Drops

A great way to start your Dr. Zammsy collection with a new card drop every Friday. A different card each week, sold for one week only. Get it here or you’ll be searching the secondary market! Ideal for people just getting started or building their card set to dominate the upcoming Dolo Battle Game.

New drops every Friday via Neftyblocks. A different card each week, sold for one week only!

Secondary Market

Looking for a previously-released card for that rare blend or to complete your collection?

Sold-out cards and Card Boxes are available on the AtomicHub secondary market.

Card Boxes

Occasionally cards are released in a blind-box format. Multiple cards per box with a percentage chance to reveal rare cards – even Black Series, Legendary, or Epic!

Buy Dr. Zammsy Card Boxes and unbox them at AtomicHub, or leave them “mint in box” and hold as a secondary market investment.

While you’re collecting and investing in your Dr. Zammsy cards until game launch, try out Blending and Staking cards to gain value and generate new assets NOW!