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Welcome to The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy card game. We are currently in development on a Clash Royale style P2E card game that incorporates our trading card NFT collections into a fun, exciting experience. Below you will find examples of how the game will come together along with proof-of-concept demo videos showcasing are tests, GDD, and graphics detailing how your collection of Dr. Z NFTs will be used in game.

  1. Existing cards (Series 1 & 2) will have key roles in the economy. The weekly drops of Battle Cards, including HODLDAYS cards (sold out – secondary market only!) will become Replicon Nexus asset generating cards.
  2. Replicon Nexus cards are coming in future releases and will be the way to generate cards for all the Dr. Zammsy Dolo Battle Game and future games.
  3. Battle Satchels are the tool to use Replicon Nexus cards to make cards for the Dolo Battle Game.
  4. When the 3D World of Gallagan is available, Battle Satchels can be crafted from resources gathered in the 3D world through regular gameplay and exploration.
  5. Decorations will be available by crafting in the 3D world and available in Loot Boxes in the marketplace.
  6. VOID tokens can be earned by playing the Dolo Battle Game. They are spent to make Dolo Battle Cards with Replicon Nexus cards and Battle Satchel and can be spent to craft Battle Satchels and to attach Decorations to Dolo Battle Cards

*Note: The Dr. Zammsy Dolo Battle Game is still in development and some changes may be made to the final economy based on playtest and community feedback.

Card Collection Database In Game

How cards in collection merge with satchels to become battle units A machine that melds cards with satchels to make Battle Units Battle units placed on table

Game Mechanics Card Game Demo

Battle Card game WAX Wallet Integration

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