Dr. Zammsy is proud to be the first outside project to partner with Onessus on whenstaking.com. Other collaboration projects were stakable before Dr Zammsy but those projects originated from Onessus. Dr. Zammsy native Series 1 and Series 2 cards are now stakable from November 9th, 2021.

Why should I stake my NFT? What’s in it for me?

  • Staking can bring you VOID earnings with a 60% or more APR (annual percentage rate). (VOID tokens required)
  • Staking can also simply allow you to create a lease NFT which you can sell to other people wishing to stake their VOID and earn using it.

How to Stake:


A: an NFT which can be staked on Whenstaking.com

B: (optional but recommended) VOID tokens to stake to the NFT

  1. Go to https://whenstaking.com/ and then login with your wax wallet. This will take you to the dashboard.
  2. Look for the “filter by” drop down and select “All Stakable”  The result will be any eligible NFTs to be staked.
  3. Click the purple “Stake” button under the NFT you want to stake.
  4. Enter the amount of time you want to stake your NFT for. 365 days gives you the full reward, and stakes your NFT (and the VOID you stake to it) for a full year.
  5. Once your NFT is staked you will receive a lease NFT.
    Know that you can either stake VOID to this lease NFT, or sell the lease NFT on a marketplace, so that someone else may stake VOID to it. 
  6. Refresh your browser to show the changes you have just made.
  7. In the collection drop down, select the “WhenStaking?” collection to see your lease NFTs
  8. Click on the lease NFT to see what its staking capacity of VOID is and make a note of this.
  9. Then click on “Stake Void” and enter the number of VOID you would like to stake, up to the maximum capacity.  To get the full reward enter the full capacity.  As soon as you stake VOID you will immediately receive the reward in your wax wallet.  Go to https://wax.bloks.io/ to see your reward.

To take advantage of the benefits see all the links below.

VOID is a cryptocurrency token that works in Onessus projects as an in-game currency and other uses.

The first two large-scale VOID projects.

Along with https://drzammsy.wpengine.com/

To obtain VOID you must purchase it on an exchange or obtain it through NFT drops. Some NFTs will have VOID attached.

Go to the Alcor Exchange to purchase or swap WAX for VOID and see other pairs.

In the future, more exchanges will have VOID. We will update this FAQ when that happens.

To learn more about VOID please read the white paper. Link below.

On the WAX Blockchain, The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy is a unique trading card project focused on high quality artwork and story. Collectors can buy, sell, and trade Dr. Zammsy digital trading cards, study the backstories to find clues that are linked to puzzles on drzammsy.com. Rare 1 of 1 and low minted NFT rewards are given to the winners which are extremely valuable on the secondary market for collectors. A card battle game is now in production that will integrate functionality and bring fun entertaining value to these collectibles.

Each NFT trades on the WAX Blockchain which means that they are certified authentic, unique, and can never be altered.

Coming soon Dr. Zammsy NFT holders will be able to use their NFTs in a game.  The game is in development with card battle gameplay previews coming in the next few weeks.

Boxes and cards are collectible.  Once a Box is opened it reveals its contents and the unopened box no longer exists.  So if you want to collect the boxes and keep your cards a mystery don’t open them.  But if you want to see your cards, start by opening Boxes on the ubox page here . When you open a box, experience a short movie with a glimpse into the world of Dr. Zammsy. Once opened, your cards will be revealed. Now you can go to your inventory and inspect your cards with wax.atomichub.io or wallet.wax.io or nfthive.io will have your inventory. Tokenhead.io is another good app to view your WAX NFTs. Cards have unique story elements like a comic book. Enjoy reading and imagining the world of Dr. Zammsy.

A cool feature about DR Z cards is you can combine them into blends to unlock a new card with low rarities. Cards from boxes are burned when used, which increases card scarcity and value. You’ll receive one rare card for each blend you complete.  Find ingredients for the blend on the open market here or in boxes you open.

Because Dr. Zammsy NFTs are built using WAX Blockchain technology, you can buy and sell digital Dr. Zammsy trading cards on a number of marketplaces – you can also instantly trade cards from your collection. The WAX Blockchain ensures your Dr. Zammsy collectible is 100% verifiable as authentic and can never be changed or duplicated.

All you need is a free WAX Cloud Wallet account to get started. Click here to make one.

Then you’ll need to obtain WAX crypto currency.  Wax crypto currency can be obtained in many different ways.  Bittrex exchange found here is the easiest for USA customers.  Soon Binance will list WAX.  For international customers Huobi International is another easy way to get WAX

To purchase packs: GO here to the ATOMIC HUB MARKETPLACE.  Login with a WAX Cloud Wallet account, select your packs, and complete the purchase. Get them before they sell out!

To purchase individual cards: visit a WAX marketplace like AtomicHub or NFTHIVE. If you are paying with WAX Tokens on a marketplace, you can read more about them here.

You can transfer your Dr. Zammsy boxes and cards to someone else by visiting your WAX Cloud Wallet NFT inventory and clicking on the transfer icon on the top of the NFT. Then enter the wallet name of the community member that you wish to trade with and click “Send” .  You can also use wax.atomichub.io to transfer your NFTs.  Look for the TRADING tab at the top of the page.

All the Dr. Zammsy boxes or cards on WAX that you own appear in the “NFTs” section of your WAX Cloud Wallet.  Tokenhead.io is another great place to see all of your WAX NFTs in one place.

To view every Dr. Zammsy Box or Card that is available on the WAX Blockchain, you can browse the template list here

Go to drzammy.com main page to see what boxes are available.  Click on each box to see its contents.  Each type of box gives you access to rare cards and special items.  To buy a box go to the primary sale page here or secondary market here.

Rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, Master Signature, Special Pink, Black Series, Virus, Cure, Reward, and Promo

Reward cards are normally special items that can only be first obtained by completing a puzzle. Reward cards can be sold on the open market. Some exceptions to the rule exist. There are hint cards and blend cards that exist as rewards.

Special Pink and Black Series cards are very rare and can be found in Sweries 1 Dr. Zammsy Box and Dr. Zammsy Box 2

Promo cards are given away for free for a short time. These cards are part of getting the word out to everyone about the project. Promo cards are abundant and can be purchased after the giveaway on the secondary market here. They are also used in blend recipes.

Common and Uncommon cards introduce characters with fantastical art and basic story. These types will be used in blends more often.

Rare and Epic cards are harder to find and may include animation and or extensive story elements.

Legendary cards are very rare and include back story histories and making of art sketch cards.

Mythic cards are the rarest regular cards. They will be very hard to find and have special high quality elements that other cards don’t have.

Master Signature cards include a signature plate from the artist Matt Gaser at mattgaser.com. Very rare.

Virus cards are the climax to story elements in each series. In everyone’s life we encounter conflict and resolution. The Virus card reveals the unthinkable threat that only Dr. Zammsy and friends can overcome to save their world.

Cure card. Only one exists. It’s part of a, one of a kind, on the WAX blockchain box containing 143 cards. See it here. We will auction it off at a date when we feel it’s worth is understood. If you’re interested in purchasing it before it’s considered priceless please contact us at info@fabricatedmadness.com.

Have questions about Dr. Zammsy WAX Packs or cards on WAX? Visit our Discord or Telegram https://t.me/drzammsy

Award winning digital artist Matt Gaser and NFT creator and collector, WaxWars, have teamed up to challenge the NFT marketplace with quality entertainment. In early 2021 Matt and WaxWars formed a company, Fabricated Madness, LLC. By April of that year they launched their first NFT trading card set with great success. Opening a door to endless possibilities.

The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy was created 20 + years ago existing in Matt’s personal artwork and mind until now. With co- creator WaxWars, the two visionaries have banned together, expanding the stories and world beyond their wildest dreams. With the first two set launches behind them, they now have a card battle game in production. Using their NFT trading cards from Dr. Z, this game project has accelerated… Fabricated Madness has partnered with a game developer, transforming

Dr. Z into a whole new experience that will drive functionality and value to their collectors.

With a documentary in the final stages of editing, directed by John Helms. DR. Z NFT follows the entire journey while educating the world about NFT’s, the WAX Blockchain, and the fantasy universe of The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy. The team is setting the stage for festivals and a streaming service launch, coming soon.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. NFTs are digital items which use blockchain technology to verify their uniqueness. The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy uses NFTs which are cataloged on the WAX blockchain with 2 images front and back, as well as a unique minted number to create value through story and art. You, the buyer, own NFTs in a similar way to how you own physical items, except NFTs are digital, encrypted, and safely stored on the blockchain.

Wax (The Worldwide Asset eXchange) is the most used and transacted blockchain ecosystem in the world of NFTs, dApps and video games – providing the safest and most convenient way to create, buy, sell and trade both virtual and physical items to anyone, anywhere in the world. Find out more here.

The Worldwide Asset eXchange™ (WAX), known as the King of NFTs, is the world’s #1 blockchain as measured by both the number of users and by the number of transactions, according to Dappradar.com. WAX is also the leading entertainment NFT network. In 2018, WAX introduced vIRLsTM, giving consumer product companies the ability to directly link NFTs to physical consumer products. Co-founded in 2017 by William E. Quigley and Jonathan Yantis, WAX delivers the safest and most convenient way to create, buy, sell and trade virtual items and physical products (NFTs and vIRLsTM) to anyone, anywhere in the world. WAX has facilitated the trade of more than 100 million digital collectables including Major League Baseball (via Topps MLB collectibles), Capcom’s “Street Fighter,” and world-renowned entertainers Deadmau5 and Weezer. For more information, please visit WAX.io and follow along on Twitter and Discord.